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Lorca's symptomatology reflects culturally specific methods of coping with dysphoric affects and chronic illness. The paper concludes with an exploration of the nature of personal illness as it relates to a wider cultural michael kors australia system of meaning. The findings demonstrate that the visible saint and her symptomatology are part of a cultural system which generates, promotes, patterns and frames the experience of dysphoric affect in a cultural complex quite distinct from that of clinical depression.. Secondary outcomes included estimates of test and treatment thresholds using the Pauker method based on accuracy, screening risk, and the projected benefits or harms of fall prevention interventions in the ED.RESULTS: A total of 608 unique and potentially relevant studies were identified, but only three met our inclusion criteria. Two studies that included 660 patients ray ban australia assessed 29 risk factors and two risk stratification instruments for falls in geriatric patients in the 6 months following an ED evaluation, while one study of 107 patients assessed the risk of falls in the preceding 12 months. A self-report of depression was associated with the highest positive likelihood ratio (LR) of 6.55 (95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.41 to 30.48). OBJECTIVES: The main aim of this study was to examine whether, and to what extent, community pharmacies have become sites for the practice of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as an example of "medical pluralism."METHODS: Qualitative as well as quantitative methods such as a telephone survey of all pharmacies in Johannesburg, observations, and in-depth interviews with pharmacists and CAM healers were used.RESULTS: The evidence presented in this paper, although based on a study of community pharmacies in Johannesburg only, can be interpreted as an indication of a general trend in urban areas in South Africa, that of involvement with CAM in the form of dispensing and sales of CAM products, provision of advice, and, in a few cases, employment of CAM practitioners to consult on their premises. Thus the two systems of CAM and allopathic medicine are being practiced polo ralph lauren australia within the same premises. However, the manner in which they operate, as portrayed in this study, is that of two separate systems existing in relative harmony side-by-side.CONCLUSION: Because of the constraints of the study, it is difficult to ascertain to what extent this is a first step toward the development of a more meaningful integration between the systems.